“Village is the Root and the Mother of the towns/cities” -Mahatma.

We have been neglecting our Mother for so many decades, which is against our culture and heritage. This is resulting in no active life, lack of bare minimum facilities like drinking water, roads, sanitation, Medical, minimum entertainment etc. Educated are leaving the Villages in search of employment and uneducated, unemployed are remaining in the villages without financial support, planning and guidance.

Agriculture, the backbone of the rural economy is in dire straits. Shortage of irrigation water, lack of Government support, crooked politics at key decision making levels, red tape etc., are main causes for today's pathetic state of affairs. When the rural population, who constitute 70% of total population, is suffering.., what development can we achieve? How can we claim that we are progressing?

Our President, Yerneni Jaganmohana Rao's Radio interview - July 2010

This thought/question, which is not new, is ringing in the minds of ‘ABLE FEW PEOPLE’, like Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, Loksatta, Justice Lakshmana Rao, Rtd. Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court and many others, who are committed to the progress of the society. They have called upon like minded people, living in towns and cities, who are socially and financially strong, to come out and adopt their own villages, study the existing problems, plan development schemes and implement them until the fruitful results are achieved.

Having taken their ideas as cue, some of the Non-resident ANGALURU villagers have come forward with the sole objective of bringing back the past glory of Angaluru once again.

They have formed an association called, 'ANNA' (Association of Non-resident Natives of Angaluru) and got it registered (Registration No.333 of 2006) with Registrar of Societies. Click here to view Certificate.

Following are the office bearers:

Yerneni Jagan Mohana Rao, President
Duggirala Veerabhadra Rao, Vice-President
Tipirneni N K Chowdary, Secretary
Tipirneni Ramasastrulu, Treasurer
Tipirneni Venkateswara Rao Chief Advisor
Tipirneni Satyanarayana Coordinator


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